By Johnson Chong Best-Selling & Award-Winning Author, Spiritual Guide & Speaker

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Heal Ancestral Karma that Cause Unhealthy Family Dynamics 

Live the Life you were Destined to Live, one of peace, love and joy 

Next Program Start Date - The week of  June 21, 2021! 
The world is only going to get increasingly chaotic.

Are you ready to sit in the eye of the storm, in order to free yourself of stress, anxiety, and old limitations that keep you from living a life of truth, wisdom, and freedom?

What We Will Transform Together ?

✪ Week 1
 Healing Mental and Emotional Blocks around the Sacred Feminine & your Maternal Line

The sacred feminine is that aspect of your self that is most connected to your creativity. In order to create, it needs a safe container, very much like how the womb is for an unborn child. It is the part of you that intuitively nurtures and cares for the people and things in your life. However, when it is imprinted by neediness and codependency from your Mother, whether conscious or unconscious, you start to crave for things and experiences in unhealthy and unsustainable ways. This week is about re-establishing the energy of True safety and support into your energetic field.
✪ Week 2
 Healing Mental and Emotional Blocks around the Divine Masculine & your Paternal Line

The divine masculine is the aspect of your self that is connected to your ability to will and create. In its highest form, you are able to structurize and execute in strategic and seamless ways. However, when there are conscious or unconscious imprints of domination and control planted from your Father, you suffer from the pressure of needing to prove yourself. This week, we work on breaking free of the stories that keep us in the loop of mental suffering.  
✪ Week 3
 Healing Soul Contracts around your Grandmother Line

In the Q'ero lineage of shamanism, the elders teach that every choice affects 7 generations into the past and 7 generations into the future. We will bring to light old karmic imprints/contracts and wounds that are not even our own. Some of them may come from your ancestors and cultural conditioning that has gotten you stuck in unnecessary fears. And when you can break free of these energetic imprints, you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You are not meant to live your life bearing expectations and trauma of your ancestors.

✪ Week 4
 Healing Soul Contracts around your Grandfather Line

Fear, Shame & Guilt are the shadow emotions of the first three chakras in your body and are often misunderstood. When they take hold of you unconsciously, you think and act in ways that are not in your best interest. When you discover not only with your mind, but with your body and energy systems why these limitations are there - often times from past life imprints from your ancestors - you will then be able to embrace these energies as an ally instead of fighting with them as an enemy. Then you will truly turn your wounds into a gift.

✪ Week 5
Heal Soul Loss around Birth Trauma & Wounded Inner Child
In moments of trauma, pieces of the soul fragment to cope - this is what soul loss is. This is this first thing that happens if there is any trauma during birth complications, and continue on in early development until the loss of innocence. This is the  moment that all parents dread. It is a visible shift in the behaviour of the child because it is the moment when the child recognizes that the world is not as magical or as safe as they once imagined. The practical left brain starts to dominate, and they begin to utilize more logic while diminishing the more intuitive right brain. This week, we heal and reintegrate the parts of soul that have fragmented from our earlier years of innocence.

✪ Week 6
Healing the Ego and the Lower Selves
The ego is a very essential part of being human. It is how you make sense of your surroundings and implement strategies to maintain safety. Without the ego, you would be lost. With too much ego, you become overbearing and stressed. Lower aspects of selves or your shadow, include parts of self who feel like a Victim, a Perpetrator or a Rescuer. In the most evolved expression of conscious relating, every relationship in your life, starting first with your self, would infuse you with a sense of empowerment, love and joy in ways that do not take from another person's sense of sovereignty. It is about responsible action. This week we heal the relationship with the ego and the shadowy parts hiding underneath.
✪ Week 7
Spiritual Death of Ego and Connecting to Higher Self

This week, you will explore the power of the fire ceremony and the healing power of fire. After giving the old limited self a proper cremation, and releasing the limited beliefs and stories that have kept you stuck, you will feel a greater capacity to create the life you wish to live.

✪ Week 8
Embodying the Vision of a Fully Healed & Whole Self
This week, you prepare to move forward into the future by bringing the future into the NOW.  You will energetically activate yourself to call in the kinds of experiences you want to cultivate in your personal relationships , professional life and your soul's longing for deeper connections to all aspects of life. You will connect directly to Source to co-create a life where you are optimising your fullest potential.

This 8 Week Shamanic Meditation Journey Is For You If You Are

  •  ​Feeling stressed, anxious and even depressed in your personal relationships with family and friends and are needing a conscious breakthrough.
  • ​​Ready to let go of your old identity and step into a more empowered, creative & purpose-driven version of you.
  • ​Feeling disconnected from your creativity, and long to rekindle your sense of curiosity and excitement about your life.
  • ​Wanting to overcome the paralysing fear of uncertainty caused by the pandemic by finding courage to move into the future with ease and grace.
  • ​Experiencing any fear, guilt or shame around being authentically who you are and long to unapologetically be who you were meant to be.
  • ​Experiencing challenges in communicating wholeheartedly and honestly with those around you and yourself because of the fear of rejection.  
  • ​Called to breakthrough old emotional stories of pain and suffering (karma), to discover your truest and most empowered purpose (dharma).
  • ​Excited at the opportunity to dive deeper into your meditative & spiritual practice to improve all the relationships in your life. 
Are You Ready To Radically Transform the Weight of Your Ancestral Karma and Step into Your Most Empowered Self? 
*** Next program start date begins week of June 21, 2021! 

*** This shamanic meditation journey is so much more than just sitting there and learning a bunch of techniques. It's about shifting your perspective on the way you see the world.
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I'm Johnson, your Shamanic Healer & Guide
As a first-generation gay Asian-American born to Chinese refugee parents, I struggled with the issue of self-acceptance for a long time. Riding the waves of self-doubt, fear and self-hate for my cultural identity, and sexual identity, I embarked on the path of spirituality 17 years ago through yoga, meditation, shamanism, reiki and seeking mentors to shift all of the emotional and psychologically harmful patterns into self love

Having lived on 3 continents, I have led transformational experiences around the world through workshops, retreats and in various corporate settings . I integrate my trainings as a shamanic energy medicine practitioner, master Reiki healer, yoga, pilates, gyrotonic and meditation teacher. I am also the award-winning and best-selling author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma. And my life's purpose is to help you free yourself from yourself. 

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Some Transformational Stories From Previous Participants From Around The World

"The program was incredibly well structured, yet effortless. I think the virtual thing of doing it from your home for me has been more beneficial than any retreat that I've done. I feel that at the end of the 8 weeks, I'm a lot more at peace with myself. Now, I'm less fearful to be the true me."

Visha Nelson
Founder: The Cinnamon Room Singapore
"I found it to be quite enlightening. What I discovered about myself was that I was carrying a lot of trauma from my life that stemmed from experiences when I was a child.  It was impacting the way I was interacting with my friends, coworkers and my clients. Now that I've come through this journey, I feel so much more focused & I feel that I have let all those things go."
Stephen Fountain
Senior Project Director: Move Plan - Singapore 
"Johnson energetically is an enigma. He's able to tap into your energy quite beautifully. What I love about his process is that he has a way of asking questions without judgment. He is spot on and amazing in his ability to explore the areas that need to be healed."

Philamae Gray
Founder: Muse to Marketing Australia
"Spirituality is not a big part of my life. Through this course, I really learnt a lot more about that aspect of myself without having to spend hours doing it. I felt the course was very practical and very focused on helping me to shift how I think about things, how I deal with things, how I work with other people, how I prioritise and how I drive for what I'm heading towards."

David Thorpe
Executive Director in Finance New Zealand
"I'm going through an important change in my life, moving countries, shifting jobs, going into a state of uncertainty. I am hugely impressed at what came through. There were emotions that I would not normally speak about with people, but Johnson was able to bring that out in a comforting environment. I've come through far more in touch with myself and the next steps to take."
Sabriyah Denham
VP at Goldman Sachs
United Kingdom
"As a human being, I can always do with more acceptance, confidence and self-love. I learned how to dive into myself quickly and efficiently and really pay attention to what is going on emotionally, physically and intellectually. I realised is that I need to nourish my introspective nature more."

Antoine Brossard
Senior Project Manager Netherlands 
What you will gain after 8 weeks ?
This journey is a synthesis of the most effective and integrative yogic, shamanic, coaching & meditative wisdom tools. 
Become the eye of the storm and dream the life you deserve to live into being.
Immunity to Stress & Anxiety 

You will be equipped with the tools to overcome any stressful, anxious or emotionally challenging obstacles with more clarity and wisdom.
Abundance of Self-Love & Acceptance

Self-love is an essential pillar to achieving your life's goals. Without it, you live on autopilot without confidence. 
Improved Physical Health

Neuroscience shows that expanding your consciousness will  improve your immunity, nervous system, metabolism while reducing inflammation in the body.
Mental Clarity, Creativity & Focus
Quantum science has proven that your reality is created by what you think and believe. Through changing your brain with shamanic journeying and meditative tools, focus you'll gain will change your life immeasureably.
Fulfilling & Honest Relationships
Imagine living a life where you are not at war with those around you and being okay with letting go the relationships that no longer serve you. Learning the keys of conscious communication will bring your meditative peace into action.
Renewed Sense of Purpose

You will reconnect to the selfless aspect of you that longs to make a more impactful mark on the world. And in return, you will rekindle the passion and joy in your life that your heart wants and needs. 
If you're ready to embark on a powerful spiritual journey to create more truth, wisdom and freedom in your life ... 
*** Next program start date starts week of June 21, 2021! 

*** This shamanic meditation journey is so much more than just sitting there and learning a bunch of techniques. It's about shifting your perspective on the way you see the world.
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